About Us

HearthStats is now owned by GAMURS as of April 2016


Jeffrey Tong (no longer owns the site)

Twitter: @trigun0x2

Previous Co-ops

Michelle Vo

Front-End Dev & Design

Daniel Liu

Business Development

Open Source Contributors

  • Jerome Dane
    • Lots of contribution to the site
    • Initially started the uploader app
    • Lots of contributions in general
    • Site
    • @JeromeDane
  • Charles Gutjah
    • Charles put in some amazing great work on the OSx uploader
    • Charles deserves a lot of appreciation for coming out of nowhere and doing some open source work
    • You can find more about Charles here
  • Gerard Leijdekkers
    • Contributions to the site
    • Refactoring and building tests (Thank You!)
    • Enforced a lot of best practices
    • You can follow him @gerard76
    • Translators:
      • French: Christophe
      • Spanish: Cris
      • Greek: MoDuLah
      • Korean: JaeHyun